The Cost of Waking up to Daylily Hill

Recently I was thinking about the cost of daylilies. No, this is not about money.  Maybe you even got your daylilies as pass along plants, like the ones I got from my friend, Barb. I knew I needed to tend to the daylilies on the hill.  Daylilies are easy, but they don’t necessarily thrive on neglect.  […]

My Daylily Collection, Mosaic Monday

I wanted to have a way to view my daylily collection with their names.  There are 39 of my daylilies shown in the chart below.  They are in alphabetical order.  I did not include any that have not bloomed here yet.      Hopefully I will get some good photos of the following next year: Ruby Sentinel, […]

Daylily Math

I have linked to Mary at The Little Red House.  She hosts Mosaic Monday.

Wordless Wednesday – Daylily Speak

Daylily Lessons

So here we go again with Daylilies.  I now have a growing collection.  My strawberry bed is on it’s way out as it transforms into daylilies.  Little red berries are finally appearing as if in protest.  There is a new clam shell shaped daylily bed out back.  Inspirations have come from viewing the picturesque local daylily farms; […]

It’s All Over – Imagine Daylilies

Warning! Once you start collecting daylilies…it’s all over.  And visiting daylily farms could be habit forming.   I imagined it would be fun to visit Florediem Flower Farm.  A few people had mentioned it to me, and peak bloom would soon be over.  Maybe I would look for a late season variety.  We had a window of time before the rain […]

Daylily Fans

Have you ever been to the kind of place where they dig up the plants while you wait? I thought it would be fun to check out Dhabi’s Daylilies. After all, Dhabi had posted online that they were at peak.  And maybe I would get one or two new daylilies.  Colorful daylilies, fluttering butterflies… to […]

That’s the Beauty of Daylilies

And so it starts.  Just a beautiful Summer afternoon.  A perfect time for checking out a Daylily Farm.  I’d never been to a Daylily Farm.  Saw the sign a day before.  Wasn’t that the Daylily Farm I’d heard about?  In fact, I thought Jeannette had posted about it on her Facebook Page, Jeannette’s Gardening Rambling […]