My August Day

Gentle breeze bounces blades of grass and stirs leaves. Bubbling fountain where fish flash gold scales and slowly sway white tails. Bird songs surround. Dragonflies and Butterflies all around. In shady retreat on grass well worn, thoughts of Fall intrude, but pushed away   to savor more warm summer day.

Pursuit of MTPots

Many years ago I discovered that potted plants, left in a certain sheltered location outside, will survive the winter.  In fact, they can survive several winters.  And so, over the years, I became inundated with plants in pots. It goes something like this… A friend shares a plant and I don’t know where to plant it, […]

The Cost of Waking up to Daylily Hill

Recently I was thinking about the cost of daylilies. No, this is not about money.  Maybe you even got your daylilies as pass along plants, like the ones I got from my friend, Barb. I knew I needed to tend to the daylilies on the hill.  Daylilies are easy, but they don’t necessarily thrive on neglect.  […]

Letting Go of Pink and Blue

  What once was… is no longer true. It’s like letting go of pink and blue.     Now Spring is gone “I’ll miss you too!” Letting go is hard to do. Summer is now, and moving on, as we must also do.   At work in the garden. Thinking it through and through…   and […]

First Crocus Calls Me

First Crocus Called To Me Said Spring is here. Called my name loud and clear. Said time is wasting. Get to work. Buds are everywhere.     Second Crocus… All of these pictures were taken on this one Sunny Sunday. I’m linking with Karen at My Little Home and Garden for Sunlit Sunday  and with […]

I Could Do This All Day

Please click the tab above, “The Gardens of NHGarden” to view some photos of our gardens. I really could do this all day… Here’s the domino effect. So I’ve been admiring many other blogs that display permanent pages of their garden photos. Thanks to Debra of Gardens Inspired, who inspired me to actually start this. I […]

My Garden Gave to Me

In the twelve months this year, my garden gave to me…    12 clump divisions   11 plants from cuttings    10 frequent fliers   9 chives displaying   8 goldfish swimming   7 lilies blooming   6 Kopper Kings    5 mossy things     4 busy bees   3 hoverflies   2 little […]

What Lurks in an Autumn Walk

I joined Carolyn of This Grandmother’s Garden for Autumn Walks, though I confess I strayed at times, getting sidetracked to weed and plant. And of course now is the perfect time for moving plants.  Our Incrediball Hydrangea had to be moved for many reasons, which you really don’t want to hear now.  It just had to […]

What is NOT Blooming?

Ready or not it is October and the Fall season has arrived.   So what is blooming here at NHGarden?  The question should be, “What is NOT blooming?” I mean seriously there is a lot that is NOT blooming now. I have made a point of going out in the yard each day, and did manage […]

A Selfish Break

It’s been raining a lot. Everything is soaked and mosquitoes are out in force like I haven’t seen in years.  Thought I’d take this opportunity to write with no real subject in mind… Just some blah blah blah on this and that.  There is no deadline.  Nothing that must be written here. Yet it is a little […]

Savoring August

April’s anticipation is long over. May merely a memory. June was most joyous. July a jubilee of color. Those of us in New Hampshire should now savor August. This is a time to ease up on the garden chores just a little.  Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the garden.  There will be plenty to do later as […]

All in An August Afternoon

Rain was expected later, so this was a good opportunity to get outside and putter in the garden.  I planted a Turtlehead plant in my shade garden.  And it was about time! This spare Chelone had been in it’s pot for about a year.    My other Chelone occupies a sunny location.  It is just starting to show it’s pink Turtlehead blossoms. […]

A Dose of Garden Ugly

Assessing the gardens is a frequent activity and I occasionally force myself to snap pictures of the eyesores.  There are always those ugly little areas that need attention.   Clematis requires patience, and my Multi-Blue is demanding plenty of that. A few years in the ground and so far, though I love the flowers it can […]