Wordless Wednesday – Daylily Speak

Savoring August

April’s anticipation is long over. May merely a memory. June was most joyous. July a jubilee of color. Those of us in New Hampshire should now savor August. This is a time to ease up on the garden chores just a little.  Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the garden.  There will be plenty to do later as […]

All in An August Afternoon

Rain was expected later, so this was a good opportunity to get outside and putter in the garden.  I planted a Turtlehead plant in my shade garden.  And it was about time! This spare Chelone had been in it’s pot for about a year.    My other Chelone occupies a sunny location.  It is just starting to show it’s pink Turtlehead blossoms. […]

A Dose of Garden Ugly

Assessing the gardens is a frequent activity and I occasionally force myself to snap pictures of the eyesores.  There are always those ugly little areas that need attention.   Clematis requires patience, and my Multi-Blue is demanding plenty of that. A few years in the ground and so far, though I love the flowers it can […]

Daylily Lessons

So here we go again with Daylilies.  I now have a growing collection.  My strawberry bed is on it’s way out as it transforms into daylilies.  Little red berries are finally appearing as if in protest.  There is a new clam shell shaped daylily bed out back.  Inspirations have come from viewing the picturesque local daylily farms; […]

It’s All Over – Imagine Daylilies

Warning! Once you start collecting daylilies…it’s all over.  And visiting daylily farms could be habit forming.   I imagined it would be fun to visit Florediem Flower Farm.  A few people had mentioned it to me, and peak bloom would soon be over.  Maybe I would look for a late season variety.  We had a window of time before the rain […]