What Lurks in an Autumn Walk

I joined Carolyn of This Grandmother’s Garden for Autumn Walks, though I confess I strayed at times, getting sidetracked to weed and plant. And of course now is the perfect time for moving plants.  Our Incrediball Hydrangea had to be moved for many reasons, which you really don’t want to hear now.  It just had to […]

What is NOT Blooming?

Ready or not it is October and the Fall season has arrived.   So what is blooming here at NHGarden?  The question should be, “What is NOT blooming?” I mean seriously there is a lot that is NOT blooming now. I have made a point of going out in the yard each day, and did manage […]

A Selfish Break

It’s been raining a lot. Everything is soaked and mosquitoes are out in force like I haven’t seen in years.  Thought I’d take this opportunity to write with no real subject in mind… Just some blah blah blah on this and that.  There is no deadline.  Nothing that must be written here. Yet it is a little […]