Daylily Lessons

So here we go again with Daylilies.  I now have a growing collection.  My strawberry bed is on it’s way out as it transforms into daylilies.  Little red berries are finally appearing as if in protest.  There is a new clam shell shaped daylily bed out back.  Inspirations have come from viewing the picturesque local daylily farms; Davis Brook, Dhabi’s, Florediem. I’ve come to the conclusion that daylilies can be beautiful in a bed all on their own even without other plants.

Daylilies planted and mulched in new bed - Room for more!

I kept the daylilies about 4 feet apart when planting so new ones could go in between. Arranging the daylilies now will make things so much easier, keeping in mind the heights, colors and bloom times.

Ollalie Daylily Gardens

Our latest day trip was to Olallie Daylily Farm in Vermont.  


There is something to be said about walking among daylilies. Priceless.


Ollalie Daylilies


My search this day was focused on August blooming daylilies that would compliment those bold red and orange ones I’ve already planted. Armed with scrap paper and catalog, we took our time checking the many numbered garden beds, revisiting our favorites.     

Eye Catching Group with Dreaded Yellow Tag

Many of those were yellow tagged, which meant they were being held for growing. Some of the other ones we liked were mostly gone by, so I didn’t consider getting any of those now.


 I couldn’t help but notice beautiful Amaranth plants that stood out amongst the daylilies.  Though it’s an annual, Chris said it had reseeded itself.  I’m putting that on my next year’s seed list.

View from the Shade

There were shady spots to relax while contemplating selections and enjoying the expanse of colorful flowers. We flipped through the beautiful catalog trying to find the names I had jotted down. 

Ollalie Daylilies

After touring the gardens, we discovered that Olallie had Field Guides with plants listed alphabetically with all the prices and other info. That sure would have been handy during our exploration.

Olallie B Plants

Olallie sells A and B daylilies. So I saved a little money with the B sizes, but will lose out on this year’s blooms.  Someday I will learn to pay more attention to important details like the difference in the A and B sizes. Non flowering bare roots can always be ordered by mail, so I normally would not have invested in those now.  Fortunately, Chris had included some flower buds in two out of the four varieties I purchased. And there will be much to look forward to next August. Eye Declare is the only one blooming now. The other three are VT Abalone, periwinkle melon bitone, VT Lemon Cream, near white and VT Ovation, bright clear orange.

Eye Declare blooming in the bucket

So now they sit in a bucket of water, waiting for me to pot them or plant them directly.  We are into August, a typically hot humid month, when I try to find time for just sitting under the shade umbrella.  Not that I’m finished with daylilies, just making a little promise to myself.  If I purchase more daylilies this month, they will be already potted with several scapes and loaded with buds.  Lesson learned.


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  1. Christine says:

    I have much to learn from you about Daylilies which I’m still contemplating. I read your warning that once you start you can’t stop collecting them. I think I’ll need another garden if I start …

    ... on August 20th, 2011
  2. NHGarden says:

    Christine, Daylilies may inspire your next garden :)

    ... on August 25th, 2011
  3. Sharie says:

    They are ridiculously addictive! I have 297 (!) after only 10 years in our house. Whatever you do, don’t fall victim to the Daylily Auction ( That place is dangerous!! 😉

    Glad to see your pics of Ollalie. I get their catalog but haven’t visited yet. Maybe next year!

    ... on August 25th, 2011