Over and Under September Blooms

There are two sides to every story.

Clara Curtis Daisies go crazy this time of year.

The sun shines brightly on them and through them.

Vermont Abalone Daylily blooms gracefully against a September sky… and softly in front of a rock.

I grew these Geraniums from cuttings.  They just got their second wind.

Yellow tipped orange on blue… and standing bright among the late Summer garden.

I started Portulaca from seed.  This is the first to finally bloom.

I bought Pink Double Knockout Rose this Summer.  It has not disappointed.  The late Summer bloom has been better than the first.

Morning Glories reseed themselves each year. Flowers continue to reach for the sky.

These Tall Phlox are a salmon pink color.  They have been blooming for weeks.

I bought the Delphinium this Summer.  It is now reblooming.

I just love it when that happens!

I’ve linked to Carol at May Dream Gardens. She is sponsoring Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

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  1. Scott says:

    Just lovely…all the blooms look like they are practically glowing! That Delphinium is awesome…I really need to add some of those next year!

    ... on September 16th, 2011
  2. allanbecker-gardenguru says:

    A beautiful collection of photos. Thanks for the treat.

    ... on September 16th, 2011
  3. Cathy and Steve says:

    Awesome choices you’ve made for your garden. I’m especially taken by those phlox. 😉

    The double pink knockout is fabulous. If you think it’s gorgeous this year, wait until next! These roses are absolute showstoppers.

    Although you don’t “have to” dead head them, I have found that if you trim them just a little in between each bloom cycle, you can reduce the 5 week cycle to 3-1/2 and by only lightly pruning here and there, they will truly always be covered in blooms.

    ... on September 16th, 2011
  4. GirlSprout says:

    I’ve never seen Clara Curtis daisies before. Are they a perennial like shasta daisies? Great color!

    ... on September 17th, 2011
  5. Chris says:

    Yes GirlSprout, the Clara Curtis daisies are perennial and great for late color!

    ... on September 17th, 2011
  6. Chris says:

    Cathy and Steve, Thanks so much for your comments and for the great advice on the Knockout roses!

    ... on September 17th, 2011
  7. Elephant's Eye says:

    What does Clara Curtis smell like? Still trying to work out what my camomile scented white daisy is called.

    ... on September 17th, 2011
  8. Christine @ The Gardening Blog says:

    I love the Clara Curtis Daisies – very pretty! All your blooms look great. Hope my new Delphiniums also rebloom like yours.

    ... on September 17th, 2011
  9. Indie says:

    Oh I love your gaillardia and pink morning glories! Really I love them all! I’m afraid to try delphinium in my garden due to our terrible dirt and drainage issues. Maybe after a few more years of amending. Yours are beautiful!

    ... on September 18th, 2011
  10. Shyrlene says:

    Normally I am a “big bold color” kind of person, but your Vermont Abalone Daylilies really stopped me in my tracks. They look like fine china… at least in color; never knew a day lily to be fragile. (The other blooms were gorgeous.)

    ... on September 18th, 2011
  11. The Sage Butterfly says:

    Your garden pinks are so lovely…so delicate…and a welcome hue at this time of year.

    ... on September 19th, 2011
  12. Patrick's Garden says:

    Does the Clara Curtis go by another or are they just asters. Lovely blooms for this late. A September daylily? n What a hanger on.

    ... on September 20th, 2011
  13. Andrea says:

    I wish there wont be winter to kill most of them, such a waste!

    ... on September 21st, 2011
  14. Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens says:

    Love to see all your beautiful colors this time of year.

    ... on September 21st, 2011
  15. Chris says:

    Clara Curtis Daisies are Chrysanthemum Rubellum. Mum Daisies for zones 4-9

    ... on September 22nd, 2011
  16. Donna says:

    I liked the over, under theme. It was a change of pace seeing them presented this way. I too never saw Clara Curtis, as it is really a nice looking daisy.

    ... on September 23rd, 2011
  17. Foxglove Lane says:

    I can’t believe how summery your September is. You must be a very green fingered gardener your garden is so beautiful!

    ... on September 25th, 2011