What Lurks in an Autumn Walk

I joined Carolyn of This Grandmother’s Garden for Autumn Walks, though I confess I strayed at times, getting sidetracked to weed and plant. And of course now is the perfect time for moving plants. 

Our Incrediball Hydrangea had to be moved for many reasons, which you really don’t want to hear now.  It just had to be moved now so I could plant Giant Allium bulbs in it’s place.  After much pondering, I was satisfied with the determined location of the hydrangea. 

Anyway, back to what I was saying… With the shorter days, I often found myself outside at twilight or dusk.  I had forgotten how beautiful an Autumn evening could be.  Not that I could capture that.  I could, however, capture some things.

Here is the Incrediball hydrangea at twilight.

Do you like hydrangea flowers as they start to turn brown? Love them? Hate them? 

I think they have some interest…


 They look almost fake in this photo taken from below.


Though, I am not too crazy about my other hydrangea with it’s brown flowers.




Miscanthus is incredible this time of year, and rather dramatic at night.


 Dandelion Seeds seem innocent from above…

I had no idea what was hiding underneath…surprise!


And speaking of surprises… our Four O’Clocks actually opened in the evening!


Below are Tall Phlox, Coreopsis, Sedum, Tradescantia, Tall Phlox and Northern Sea Oats at night:

 Here is a closer look at the Tradescantia:


Here is a closer look at Northern Sea Oats:


Now take a close look at this Rudbeckia:

Did you see what lurks?


Now I could go on and on…

or I could just call it a night.


I have linked to Mary at The Little Red House.  She hosts Mosaic Monday.


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  1. debsgarden says:

    Wow, I am impressed with your night photos! I love to work in the garden late in the day, and I like taking late afternoon photos, too, but once the sun sets I have a hard time getting good shots. I love your dandelion pics!

    ... on October 26th, 2011
  2. Andrea says:

    They are all so beautiful especially the night shots. I most specially love that dramatic post shot at the end. That grass resembles one of the grasses i just posted.

    ... on October 26th, 2011
  3. Holleygarden says:

    Great macro shots! Personally, I love hydrangeas whether they are fresh and blue, or old and brown. They still look so fragile and delicate to me. All those things ‘lurking about’ is the reason I don’t like going out at night too much!

    ... on October 26th, 2011
  4. Carolyn♥ says:

    A night walk through your gardens … how refreshing!
    Beautiful images. Thanks so much for joining in… I’ve had such fun walking with everyone. BTW, hydrangeas are a favorite of mine any season… even when their caps are covered with snow.

    ... on October 26th, 2011
  5. Alice Joyce says:

    The night walk is an interesting notion that I’d like to follow up on, but I must say I’m stuck on the mention of moving Incrediball – I grow that Hydrangea, too, and it seems so much time is spent rearranging plants so that each one finds just the right spot where it will thrive!

    ... on October 26th, 2011
  6. My Little Home and Garden says:

    Walking through the garden at night and taking photos is such a good idea. I’ll have to try it at some point!
    As for hydrangeas, I like to dry them when they are green and quite enjoy them in the garden when they turn copper, especially when there is snow around them.

    ... on October 26th, 2011
  7. Indie says:

    Your Northern Sea Oats are so pretty!! You have some beautiful shots with the darkness of the background.

    I love my Incrediball, but mine looks pretty sun-fried when it starts turning brown, I think (which it very well might be with this North Carolina sun). I like the brown, aged-whited look of many hydrangea blooms, but sadly mine did not look like that at all. I hope yours thrives in its new location!

    ... on October 26th, 2011
  8. The Sage Butterfly says:

    Hydrangeas even look beautiful in moonlight…amazing! I like your walk as you capture some of the other plants in October.

    ... on October 26th, 2011
  9. One says:

    Very lovely photos! I normally do not take photos at night. Yours look great.

    ... on October 27th, 2011
  10. Autumn Belle says:

    I have enjoyed this autumn walk. The shots from near and far are excellent.

    ... on October 28th, 2011
  11. Jane says:

    Really interesting to see our plants by night, beautiful photography x

    ... on October 28th, 2011
  12. Donna says:

    I like the hydrangea when it is brown. I used them last year on my Christmas tree. I do like your night shots also.

    ... on October 29th, 2011
  13. Maryelizabeth says:

    I love when my hydrangeas turn brown! After all the beautiful color it’s nice to watch them morph into fall.

    ... on October 31st, 2011
  14. Tatyana says:

    Wow! Love your tradescantia shot! And hydrangea collage is great!

    ... on October 31st, 2011
  15. Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens says:

    It was fun to see all these plants from a different perspective.

    ... on November 3rd, 2011
  16. Linnie W says:

    I like looking up at the dandelion. But it made me feel very short. Fun night pictures!

    ... on November 8th, 2011
  17. Bridget says:

    Loving your night pics!

    ... on November 8th, 2011
  18. PlantPostings says:

    Wow, these are great shots! Especially the scenes at dusk. I’ve run out of time at night since it’s pitch black when I get home. But morning light be an option for a few more weeks, anyway. Beautiful pics!

    ... on November 8th, 2011
  19. Dewi says:

    Beautiful walk. Dandelion photos are stunning!

    ... on November 10th, 2011
  20. Kathleen says:

    I hope your garden survived the early snowfall okay? Ours has melted now, thank goodness! I prefer a more gentle transition…
    The early darkness depresses me but maybe I should learn to go out like you did. Your photos capture a whole other side of the garden. :-)

    ... on November 13th, 2011
  21. Curbstone Valley Farm says:

    I used to grow hydrangeas in a previous garden, but I’ve never heard of Incrediball. I can see why it’s named so! I actually quite like the rusty browns of fading hydrangea heads, but I’m partial to that palette. Probably why I find the sea oat shot to be incredible. The color is just stunning!

    ... on November 14th, 2011