Over and Under September Blooms

There are two sides to every story. Clara Curtis Daisies go crazy this time of year. The sun shines brightly on them and through them. Vermont Abalone Daylily blooms gracefully against a September sky… and softly in front of a rock. I grew these Geraniums from cuttings.  They just got their second wind. Yellow tipped orange […]

Mosaic Monday Preferred Rose

This was one of my recent observations:  When it comes to my roses… They also loved the leaves of our grape vines and cherry trees, but that is another story. I’m still finding Japanese Beetles on my Sunny Knockout Roses.  Apparently Japanese Beetles are more attracted to roses that are light colored and fragrant.  Other roses above […]

Daylily Math

I have linked to Mary at The Little Red House.  She hosts Mosaic Monday.  http://dearlittleredhouse.blogspot.com/2011/09/mosaic-monday-palace-of-fine-arts.html

Ode to Garlic Chives

Glowing bright Splashing white much needed here Growing among rocks  Overflowing  everywhere Popping up in Phox Combining with Russian Sage   Contrasting Coleus Mix Budding at this late stage Shooting stars after six Volunteering by the stream   Reaching up as if Adhering to a theme Leaning yet unbending Tending to what flies Marking Summer’s Ending Sharing Garlic Chives.

Wordless Wednesday – Daylily Speak

Savoring August

April’s anticipation is long over. May merely a memory. June was most joyous. July a jubilee of color. Those of us in New Hampshire should now savor August. This is a time to ease up on the garden chores just a little.  Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the garden.  There will be plenty to do later as […]

All in An August Afternoon

Rain was expected later, so this was a good opportunity to get outside and putter in the garden.  I planted a Turtlehead plant in my shade garden.  And it was about time! This spare Chelone had been in it’s pot for about a year.    My other Chelone occupies a sunny location.  It is just starting to show it’s pink Turtlehead blossoms. […]

A Dose of Garden Ugly

Assessing the gardens is a frequent activity and I occasionally force myself to snap pictures of the eyesores.  There are always those ugly little areas that need attention.   Clematis requires patience, and my Multi-Blue is demanding plenty of that. A few years in the ground and so far, though I love the flowers it can […]

Daylily Lessons

So here we go again with Daylilies.  I now have a growing collection.  My strawberry bed is on it’s way out as it transforms into daylilies.  Little red berries are finally appearing as if in protest.  There is a new clam shell shaped daylily bed out back.  Inspirations have come from viewing the picturesque local daylily farms; […]

It’s All Over – Imagine Daylilies

Warning! Once you start collecting daylilies…it’s all over.  And visiting daylily farms could be habit forming.   I imagined it would be fun to visit Florediem Flower Farm.  A few people had mentioned it to me, and peak bloom would soon be over.  Maybe I would look for a late season variety.  We had a window of time before the rain […]

Daylily Fans

Have you ever been to the kind of place where they dig up the plants while you wait? I thought it would be fun to check out Dhabi’s Daylilies. After all, Dhabi had posted online that they were at peak.  And maybe I would get one or two new daylilies.  Colorful daylilies, fluttering butterflies… to […]

That’s the Beauty of Daylilies

And so it starts.  Just a beautiful Summer afternoon.  A perfect time for checking out a Daylily Farm.  I’d never been to a Daylily Farm.  Saw the sign a day before.  Wasn’t that the Daylily Farm I’d heard about?  In fact, I thought Jeannette had posted about it on her Facebook Page, Jeannette’s Gardening Rambling […]